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Sunday, August 2, 2009

"music binds all" animation short film.

Why Indian Folk art needs to be revisited in a different form?

Author: Emantras

Indian mythology has always seen itself embedded firmly in Indian art forms, even dance and sculpture. Hindu gods and goddesses have found their place in them quite often. Yet you see the interest waning in Indian art and culture, and it seems to be reserved for a niche audience, mostly ‘older and wiser’.

In the 21st century, when we have young children with impressionable minds, razor sharp, and open to so many different forms of media. They are constantly imbibing, learning and evolving. And the teenagers all the more, more tech savvy, more futuristic. Glued to the TV boxes, iPods, playstations or Mobile, they seem to not cut out for learning more about Indian folk art, yet they could very well be the best one.

It is a question of attention span, interaction and patience. And there is a solution to get these new gen netizens involved with a slice of heritage.

Digital media is the perfect bridge. And many people and companies are waking up to this truth. There is already a concerted effort being made by publications in India like ‘Chandamama’ to follow a worldwide trend to digitize content for children. Companies like MobiStories are publishing ‘digital books’ which last 5-6 minutes and keep the kid entertained when the parent goes shopping in a store or is waiting in a line in a bank. International Children’s digital Library has an enticing collection for children online and hopes to be the largest repository of online children’s literature. This contains thousands of digitized historic and contemporary children's books in dozens of languages, from Chinese to French, including rare and fragile works that have been largely hidden from public view.

We can take clue from them and apply this to Indian folk/tribal art, which will have more takers if presented in a format that will appeal to and entice a broader segment of audience. They key is convenience and the ability to draw attention, hold interest. Added to the fact that the new generation, though is very independent in thinking is very well connected socially, and are quick to lap up new things. It’s the best phase for marketers in a way as we have access to so much information and dynamics of Gen Y. Interesting things are best built around WOM.It is just imperative that the right content is backed by the right format and presentation.

VibranTribes – A community started by Mlab to promote awareness of Indian art forms with the help of animation & digital media has taken the step in the right direction with the movie ‘Music Binds all’. The first animation film attempts to fuse two varied Indian art styles with music as a link between them.

This won a lot of laurels in the Kolkata 09 and LA festival. They also happened to be one of the select few to be screened in the prestigious Annecy Festival in France. This success has inspired them to take the community forward to develop more channels to ‘revlolutionalize’ Indian folk art.

About the Author:

Contributor from Vibrantribes, an initiative of Mlab, which is a part of Emantras, A Global Digital Education Company.

Article Source: - Why Indian Folk art needs to be revisited in a different form?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

एक ऐसी 'ad' जो प्रोडक्ट को इतने कम समय मै आम लोंगो तक आसानी से पोह्चाती है.,और उस प्रोडक्ट को popular बनाती है .टेलिविज़न पर काफी सारे विज्ञापन आते है पर कुछ ऐसे होते है ,जो हमेशा याद रह जाते है .उन्ही मै से एक है 'Happy Dent White 'गम का विज्ञापन.प्रसून जोशी की क्रिएटिव टीम औए राम माधवानी का लाजवाब direction ने एक टीवी विज्ञापन की दुनिया मै एक इतिहास बनाया .सूफी संगीत से प्रेरित होकर 'शांतनु मोइत्रा'(praneetaफेम) ने संगीत से सजाया,Tera dil roshan, tera mann roshan”, written by creative director Prasoon Joshi and sung by Kailash Kher, Pranav Biswas, Shantanu Moitra and Prasoon Joshi. और एक सबसे हटके विज्ञापन लोगो तक पोह्चाया equinoxfilm इंडिया ने .२००६ मै बनी इस ad ने Cannes मै bronze and a silver अवार्ड्स भी जीते.

Friday, April 10, 2009

look a like

I have always been fascinated with faces and I have a kind of interest in Bollywood siren's. I have noticed that old look of Tina Munim and Bindiya Goswami had so much similarity that they looked like real sisters.
This just an observation of mine. if you think the same or otherwise do comment.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

MUSIC BINDS ALL (a short animation film by me and Pushpendra Prakash Sagar) The film has been selected for official screening at ‘Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles’. 2D team cordially thanks all Emantras n Media Lab @ Gurgaon to make this happen.